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When to Call a Mold Remediation Service

The fact that mold is a natural part of our surroundings has seen many assume that mold presence in indoor and outdoor spaces is just normal. Well, the truth is mold in the air or surfaces requires immediate attention because it can be detrimental, even when it's a small infestation.

The moment you notice or suspect mold in your space, contact UCM Carpet Cleaning Wayne to inspect your home or office and commence the remediation process upon mold detection. Note that mold exposure is dangerous to your well-being and buildings. Reach out to our trained, equipped, and experienced mold experts to safely handle the process.

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Signs That You Need Mold Remediation Service

Most often, mold will grow undetected in areas like behind the walls and wallpapers. It'll take time before you discover it. But even after discovery, some still can't recognize whether it's mold or just random fungi. Knowing the signs of an infestation and contamination makes it easy to reach out to our mold remediation professionals for help and avoid mold exposure. Here are three signs you should reach out.

When You See Mold

Believe it or not, mold growth is not always hard to detect. Even when the growth is in dark areas, it spreads out to other parts of the space later, and you'll notice it. Here's the issue: most people assume that mold is black, so they dismiss any other shade of spots on the wall, ceiling, and floors as dirt.

However, besides black, mold comes in various shades, like white, red, purple, brown, and pink; some have a combination of colors. Our mold remediation professionals come in handy when you notice strange marks on the walls of your house and want to identify what they are.

Before starting the removal process, a mold inspector will test to verify the infestation. Remember to be proactive when dealing with toxic mold. Waiting will only lead to the infestation spreading and causing mold damage.

When You Have Health Symptoms

Exposure to mold spores will have varying effects on different people. Some have mild symptoms, while others experience severe issues like difficulty breathing, congested nose, skin irritation, and watery eyes. The situation is worse and life-threatening for people allergic to mold, e.g., asthmatic people.

Whenever you and your loved ones start experiencing these symptoms, engage experienced professionals for mold remediation in Wayne, NJ, for mold testing to confirm any mold presence. If present, we'll clean, get rid of all mold spores, and disinfect the surfaces.

When You Smell Mold

Here's a rule of thumb: always pay attention to strange smells in your bathroom, basements, kitchen, and other house parts. You never know; some smells could signify a life-threatening issue. For instance, if the odor is pungent and musty-like, there's a high chance of existing mold.

Since mold easily concentrates in hidden and dark areas, you'll not know the extent of the infestation from the smell. Eliminating mold without first taking the time to understand its scope gives room for re-infestation.

Our latest and state-of-the-art machines and technologies at UCM Carpet Cleaning Wayne ensure a comprehensive mold inspection service and perfect black mold removal. You can rest assured that the infestation will not return, and the foul smell will be a thing of the past.

It's Time to Schedule a Mold Remediation Service

Can you see, smell, notice some signs of health risks, or have doubts that you have mold in your commercial or residential space? Don't hesitate to seek mold removal services in Wayne, NJ. Experts from UCM Carpet Cleaning Wayne will run mold tests, identify the source and easily eliminate mold.

As a certified, licensed, and experienced business, we're ready for small, large, and urgent mold remediation projects. For inquiries about our services and free estimates, call us today at 973-826-7747.

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